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Wakey Wakey!

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    Trillium Smith

I was recently having trouble getting my wake up phrase to work properly in Talon, so I decided to try a phrase I don't use often: Wakey wakey.

It works! And it makes me feel a little silly/giddy every time

# spiteless_knausj_talon/core/modes/to_wake_mode.talon
mode: sleep

wiki wiki | wakey wakey: speech.enable()

What's with the | symbol and the wiki words

The symbol | in a talon command means OR, so if Talon hears wiki wiki or wakey wakey then it will run the speech.enable() command. Talon Voice does a very good job of recognizing fake words such as wakey, but it's also good practice to match what Talon might likely hear, or to pick something that's easier to say.